UnionTech has very strict quality management system during the entire production line. 
We are strict with all aspects of purchasing, designing, assembling, commissioning, testing, packaging and transporting. In the assembly and testing steps, every machine must pass more than 120 functional tests to make the machine run efficiently and steadily in a variety of environments. Our aim is to ensure the performance and quality of every machine.


Here we have many certificate and honors:

Quality control

1. Purchasing procedure
Strictly follow the order with customers, strictly control the manufacturers of the components like guide rail, spindle, motor and electrical components. We promise all parts for machines are original brands.

2. Designing procedure
Professional mechanical designer and automation engineers, who will meet the demands of yours. Every machine will be performed scientific calculations and electrical planning based on the processed materials to realize the most reasonable industrial beauty.

3. Welding, painting and assembly procedure
We have our own welding and painting plant. After design, we will weld the machine bed as soon as possible. Then every machine body will be milled by the 5axis metal cnc milling center. 
All the machines will be strictly sprayed to ensure that there are no obvious welding points.
All parts will be assembly strictly according to the designs. 

4. Inspestion procedure
Inspection is anextremely important part of the whole production process. we will Particularly  test the machine accuracy, speed. We will also test the functions of emergency stop, cooling spray, dust brush, air pressure, water sink and lubrication system according to the customer's order requirements to ensure the best performance of your machine.
Besides, we will let every machine working for 4-8 hours before packing.

5. Packing and Shipping
We will clean the machine and make a suitable plywood box according to the specific size of the machine. These are non-fumigation wooden boxes, which can be sent to different countries. 
Sometimes, we will pack 6-10 machines in container directly. They are sent to our dealers all over the world.

6. After-sales service
UnionTech has professional after-sales service team, who provide you with 24-hour online and offline services in multiple languages. We have experienced after-sales engineers, who are good at the Artcam, Ucancam, Aspire, Powermill, UG and some other softwares.