CNC wood cutting machine is the CNC machine specially designed for wood and aluminum cutting. As a kind of numerical control equipment, the wood cutting machine also has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and long service life. Therefore, the CNC cutting machine has gradually replaced some cutters in furniture making. Now during the COVID-19 period, there are many people needs the plastics mask covers.

This article will give you a detailed introduction about the CNC machine. For example, the types, applications, advantages and maintenance tips. I hope it will help when you choose a new CNC machine.

What can I do with the cnc machine?

People all over the world are actively fighting against the COVID-9. The global economy is slow. But there are many customers purchasing the cnc machines still. Because the cnc machines has many functions during the special period. 

  1. Advertising

    The cnc machine can cut the PVC, MDF, aluminum, APC board and many other materials for signs and logo making. 

  2. Furniture

    The cnc machine can make the wood furnitures, such as wood doors, panel furniture, kitchen cabinets and so on.

  3. construction

    The cnc machine can mill the large size foam, plywood, aluminum. They are used for constructions and fabrication industrials.

How can I choose my own machine?

There are many different kinds of cnc machines for option. Which machine will be the best for my works? Here we will list some different machines for different industrials.

  1. Small high precision metall milling machine

    There are many customers process the aluminum, brass, steel and so on. They need high precision cnc machine for shoe mold, stamps making. If so, you can choose the UnionTech whole cast iron table moving cnc machines. They have stable cast iron machine body and all axis ball screw transmission. 


  2. Signs and logo making

    For signs and logo making, we have the professional cnc cutting machines. It has the oscillation knife for cutting vinyl, foam, PVC and so on. Besides, there is another one which can cut aluminum and ACP board mainly. 


  3. Furniture making