• Model



    1. Imported sensor, double eyepiece 1.3   million pixels

    2. 5M grade lens

    3. International brand light source   grating

    4. Taiwan tripod, flexible damping

    5. Replaceable ISO International Standard   C telephoto series


    6. Automatic splicing alignment

    7. Single size:   240*300mm/f(M)750*1000mm/f(L)

    8. Target Object * Size: 50mm-5000mm, Accuracy:   0.02mm

     Point distance: 0.07-0.3mm


    Reverse Engineering, Crafts, Furniture   Industry, Castings, 

    Sheet Metal, Plastic Products and etc.


  • Applications:

    Reverse Engineering, Crafts, Furniture Industry, Castings, Sheet Metal, Plastic Products, shoes business, clothe design and etc.


COM series

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